What's Next for Your Practice?

Saturday, 13 August 2011 11:48 | 0 comments

As you progress and deepen your personal practice of Taoist Internal Alchemy, you may ask the question "What's next for me"?   Once you begin to experience the significant benefits that come with these transformative teachings, the natural desire may arise to share the Universal Healing Tao with others.

Hundreds of students in North America successfully deepened their practices by studying directly with Grand Master Mantak Chia during his Spring Tour of 2011.

Next Spring, in 2012, Master Chia will return to the United States and offer an Instructor Certification Training in New York City from June 9th through June 24th.  This is the first time Master Chia has taught a full certification program in the U.S. since 1994.  This opportunity to receive instruction and certification from Mantak Chia himself in the United States, rather than overseas, allows you to advance your practice in a way both affordable and accessible to your studies.  We anticipate a dynamic and intensive training that can accelerate your comprehension and application of the practices of Taoist Internal Alchemy to your personal and professional life.

More information on this special training will be featured in our Events List in the coming year. 

For registration and site information TBA as soon as available.

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