Tao Congress 2010

Saturday, 21 August 2010 22:18 | 0 comments

This September, we celebrate 30 years of Master Mantak Chia sharing worldwide the timeless practices of emotional harmony, energy cultivation, self mastery and personal transformation!

Awarded “QiGong Master of the Year” at the World Congress on QiGong in 1990, Mantak Chia has demonstrated how Taoist Internal Alchemy is at the root of all QiGong practices Martial, Medical, or Spiritual.  Master Chia has traveled the globe teaching students, training practitioners and certifying teachers. He has created an expansive outreach benefiting the health, happiness and  development of people everywhere.

From September  5 through 14, in Chiang Mai, Thailand the Universal Healing Tao presents “Pearls of Wisdom.” For the first time in the history of the Tao, you have the opportunity to learn from the accumulated knowledge and experience of lifetimes of practice.

A stunning line-up of the top Universal Tao Instructors from all over the world, in one place, at one time will be there to meet you and teach you  Seminars, workshops, networking, forums, dance, demonstrations, regional issues, debates, new discoveries will be presented in ten intensive days of the most expansive and engaging celebration on the planet. An extensive program will highlight some of the most progressive applications and insights of Taoist Internal Alchemy that can be offered today.


All are welcome to be a part of this celebration at the Tao Gardens..
Come meet the Master who started it all, the teachers who are both local and international, many students who continue to keep the practice alive and evolving and the staff of Pacific Tao recording it all for you.

Healing treatments at the renowned Pakua clinic, daily gourmet and healthy meals from the organic garden , and on site accommodations that are that are both lovely and comfortable are available to you during your stay.

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