Featured QiGong Master of The Year 2012 is Grand Master Mantak Chia

Monday, 25 June 2012 13:08 | 0 comments
QiGong Master of the Year 2012 QiGong Master of the Year 2012 QiGong World Congress in Toronto

Grand Master Mantak Chia was presented the QIGONG MASTER OF THE YEAR award at the 14th World Congress on QiGong and Traditional Chinese Medicine held May 25-28, 2012 in Toronto, Canada.

The World Congress on Qigong and TCM , is the leading educational event in international qigong and traditional chinese medicine. This years exceptional gathering brought together masters, physicians, doctors, clinical researchers and healthcare professionals from a worldwide community.  Presenters from the US, Canada, Japan, China, Thailand, Italy and Romania shared their knowledge of Eastern philosphies and practices. Master Mantak Chia brought the Universal Heal Tao teachings of inner cultivation and emotional harmony to over 1,000 attendees with featured presentations of The Inner Smile, Six Healing Sounds, and The MicroCosmic Orbit.

The "World Congress" provides world-class scientific programs with cutting-edge research on the benefits of natural medicine, QiGong and Tai Chi. This deep and comprehensive weekend opened participants' minds to infinite possibilities of human development, strengthened their Qi and brought healing in body, mind and spirit.



Next years Congress will be held on May 17-20, 2013 in San Francisco in conjunction with the Asian Heritage Street Festival. To find out more about this years 14th World Congress on Qigong and TCM or to prepare for the upcoming one in 2013, go to http://eastwestqi.com/.


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