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North American Tour Spring 2011

Your Opportunity To Study Directly With Grandmaster Mantak Chia

From April 22 through June 15, Grandmaster Mantak Chia will be in North America to teach the Universal Healing Tao practices.  For those in the US and Canada, the yearly World Tour is your opportunity to study Taoist Internal Alchemy directly with  Master Chia.  For more details on the North American Spring World Tour go to our Events Calender. 

Master Chia will teach workshops and hold special events at major cities on both the East and West Coast.  Practices featured on his North American tour will cover basic through advanced levels of the Universal Healing Tao teachings.

The tour begins in Marin County, California, with hands-on training in the healing practices of Advanced Chi Nei Tsang and Karsai Nei Tsang.  Studies at this level were previously only taught by Master Chia at Tao Gardens in Thailand.

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The Five Taoist Secrets to a Rich Life

Have you ever wondered how to find the keys to happiness amidst the complexity and chaos of today’s culture? Master Mantak Chia, world-renowned Taoist teacher, presents these secrets to the public with the blessings of his lineage teachers. Mastering these invaluable practices will promise to bring students the freedom to develop a rich, full and healthy life; the ability to nurture a fulfilling relationship filled with love, honor and respect; the knowledge to develop a loving family; and the skill to become a respected, supportive member of your community and the world.  

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Tao Congress 2010

This September, we celebrate 30 years of Master Mantak Chia sharing worldwide the timeless practices of emotional harmony, energy cultivation, self mastery and personal transformation!

Awarded “QiGong Master of the Year” at the World Congress on QiGong in 1990, Mantak Chia has demonstrated how Taoist Internal Alchemy is at the root of all QiGong practices Martial, Medical, or Spiritual.  Master Chia has traveled the globe teaching students, training practitioners and certifying teachers. He has created an expansive outreach benefiting the health, happiness and  development of people everywhere.

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The Guide

Rough copy for the GUIDE

We Hear You
We feel successful when you
  • Find what you need
  • Know how to use it
  • Are happy with the results

Our GUIDE covers 34 workshops and 55 DVDs
and answers your most frequent question.

Which DVD is for me?

Not everyone has the same backgrounds, needs or goals.
Where do I start? is a common concern.
How do I benefit?
frequently asked.

Pacific Tao has identified 6 areas of common practices
and 6 areas of general benefits that influence your search for new studies.

These 12 paths make up the GUIDE through the entire Taoist QiGong Internal Alchemy trainings.

Navigate the GUIDE to understand
  • what order to study the numerous workshops
  • how the Internal Alchemy benefits your specific practice or interest
  • what is taught in each workshop
  • what are the overall benefits of each DVD
  • how each workshop fits into the whole study series

Our GUIDE gives your several options
  • select your path from one of 12 specific practices or benefits
  • progress through the complete Taoist Internal Alchemy system as is
  • create your own path with the support of our descriptions on each workshop

Sit back and relax and study at your own pace and your own way.
These DVD videos allow you to be like a student in Master Mantak Chia’s workshops and learn with ease, precision and focus .

See how the Taoist QiGong Internal Alchemy guides you to become
the master of your own life.

And please, keep talking to us.
Your questions are our guides.

Click Here to begin.
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Pacific Tao

Welcome to the new Pacific Tao website.
It has been over 5 years since we created our first mission statement and it remains the same!

To bring the traditional wisdom and practices of the Taoist Internal Alchemy into the common sense of people everywhere.

2010 is our year of shifting in a radical way how we see ourselves and how we function on the Web.

The new PacificTao website positions and features Master Mantak Chia and the Taoist Internal Alchemy as the foundational system in the Universe of QiGong studies and personally helps guide people through the benefits and practices of QiGong.

Our History
  • Director John Zielinski becomes a California corporation as a Media Publishing company specializing in educational DVDs called
  • PacificTao  begins its contract with Master Mantak Chia as his official and exclusive distributor of Taoist Study Series workshop DVDs.
  • PacificTao becomes a successful online store for 34 workshop titles consisting of 55 DVDs. Sales show an increasing worldwide interest in Taoist Internal Alchemy practice.
  • PacificTao features 60 mini clips from workshops on UTube with a response of nearly 1 million views over several years.
  • Sales on Amazon and Ebay get reviews of 100% customer satisfaction.
  • The World is poised for More.

2009 to NOW
  • Director John Zielinski,  Web Master Adrian Rasmussen, and Project Developer Susan Mankowski begin intensive backroom, after hour meetings to give birth to a a new
  • 6 months later the blueprint and strategy for replacing a product oriented site to a people centered site emerges.
  • PacificTao staff expands to include programmers, graphic artists, writers, editors and marketing specialist to create the design, content and new interactive features for a community portal and educational hub with a personalized navigation guide for individualized study paths through the workshops.
  • The hand selected new staff of PacificTao results in a grassroots inspiration driven team
  • of family and friends with a shared excitement and enthusiasm for bringing an ancient and comprehensive system of self development to a modern people in a way that is approachable, informal, digestible and applicable to their present lives.
  • The launch of the new upgraded PACIFICTAO.COM Phase 1 is completed on schedule and extensive work continues behind the scenes to keep the site evolving, active and interactive.

To meet the staff of join us for a brief introduction to WHO WE ARE.

*note to Angela
The Who We Are section would have a brief synopsis or each person actively involved. Their name their position and maybe a person Quote about what is pacific tao for them or something fun, relevant and engaging. Later we will have photos that are personal and creative for everyone.
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Our Product

Welcome to Master Mantak Chia’s Taoist Study Series DVDs

Great News! The Complete Taoist Teachings of Master Mantak Chia are now available as 34 QiGong  (Chi Kung) Workshops  consisting of 55 DVDs.

We thank Master Chia for collecting and bringing forth these Taoist teachings to the world at large. Historically, the ancient Taoist practices on the cultivation of internal energy and inner spirit were secret until very recently. Even now, you cannot find them taught publicly anywhere else. Master Chia, with the blessing of his lineage teachers, is the first Taoist master to teach all these practices to a genergal audience. For over thirty years he has taught internationally and is recognized as the world’s foremost teacher on Taoist practices. He has written over 50? books widely translated into all major languages.

Professionally Edited

The Taoist Study Series DVDs contain the video of Mantak Chia teaching the Universal Healing Tao workshops. Each DVD is professionally edited and augmented with hundreds of rich graphic overlays to simplify and clarify these often subtle concepts. With these DVD;s, not only can you learn just like the students in Master Chia’s workshops, you can easily fast forward or reverse to have Master Chia repeat the presentation or study th diagrams until you thoroughly understand what is being taught.

Each Taoist Study Series DVD is divided into several sections easily navigated from the main menu page. Each volume contains one, two or three DVDs. There are a total of 55 DVDs in the collection and the series is still growing. Each volume begins with a short overview of the system, followed by several content sections, and after the content there is a video of Tao Garden, Master Chia’s Health and Retreat Center in Thailand, and then an overview of the Universal Healing Tao products. This overview summarizes the practices and is a teaching in itself. Don’t miss it.!

Our Mission as

Pacific Tao, Inc. ( is the official distributor of Mantak Chia’s Taoist Study Series of DVD;s in North and South America (English only). Our mission as a company is to distribute the Taoist Study Series DVD’s and to share this wisdom with as many people as possible.

Pacific Tao has followed the lead of the major movie distributor Netflix and ships the DVDs in clear polypropylene sleeves. This saves on shipping, storage space, saves plastic, and is considerate of the environment. Boxes are available for store sales.

Your Opportunity

Pacific Tao offers Mantak Chia’s DVDs in individual workshops and in group sets and also tri-level series for 12 individualized paths. Discounted savings are offered depending on what how many DVDs are in the purchased collection. The entire collection is offered at a substantial discount from the price of individual workshops. We have done everything possible to support your practice to develop while keeping your training affordable.

****dear Angela, or writer. Please check with Adrian to verify and see what else should be said about the product. This is an original P. Tao document . YOu can edit it for relevancy today with the new site.
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Teacher Opportunities

We open our site to YOU!

The new Pacific Tao website is created to cultivate connections between QiGong and modern sciences, health and healing, personal growth, sexuality, spirituality and practical living.

We consider the Taoist Internal Alchemy system one of the most advanced, sophisticated, and comprehensive trainings for the development of the body, mind and spirit on the planet today.

The Internal Alchemy system is not only time tested for centuries, vast in its applications to medical, martial and spiritual but also continues today to verify its efficacy through its continuous benefits to our present culture.

2010 marks the expansion of Pacific Tao from the focus of official distributor of workshop DVDs for Master Mantak Chia to include support services and shared web presence to the large network of Universal Healing Tao instructors whose years of professional work and teaching have been invaluable to to the TEACHER, the TEACHING, their own internal cultivation and the lives of many who have attended classes and received treatments.

PacificTao has created a working model for the Effective Use of Digital Media (link to John’s presentation at Tao Congress).
In our own transformational process, we have made the shift from a product catalogue to an educational portal that builds community and supports students in their individualized paths in the Tao. Our overall aim is to position Taoist Internal Alchemy as the foundation of all QiGong studies
and to outreach to a vaster population on the worldwide Web demonstrating  how Internal Alchemy augments growth in other disciplines and vastly benefits many human conditions.

Our mission statement from 2004 til today remains the same to bring the traditional wisdom and practices of the Taoist Internal Alchemy into the common sense of people everywhere.

How does this include or involve you?
  • Be a “Featured Teacher”  as part of our EDUCATE section . We can place your photo, your bio including a description of your specialty of development that your personal practice has led you to.
  • Be Interviewed whether over the phone and transcribed into an article or in your own mini video, you can present yourself to our site visitors and let them know who you are, what you offer, how Internal Alchemy has benefited your life, how the system applies to a particular discipline you specialize in. Take the opportunity to establish your web presence in an engaging outreach to a larger community.
  • Let us know what you are doing List your weekly classes or special workshops and events in our EVENTS CALENDER. Keep it up to date. Give students an opportunity to find one on one support in their own geographic area to support their studies of the DVD trainings and to help their practices expand and grow in a dynamic way with your teaching.
  • Become an Affiliate Take advantage of our newly installed affiliate sales program supervised by a PacificTao staff member. Support the Universal Healing Tao, support your students and increase your support to your own self in the process. We help you with the set up on your site and followthrough on your sales with supplemental income to you.
  • Participate in the Forum You can contribute at your leisure or take on a position of contributing on a regular basis. New and continuing students have many questions along the way about their practice and the Taoist Internal Alchemy system. You can have a web presence by being available to answer their questions, share your experiences, give advice in your specialties and encourage their process and progress.
  • Submit an Article We would love to share your expertise and insight with our site visitors and allow you to feature your writing on the site benefiting from our position in the search engines ranking 2nd under Mantak Chia.
  • Share a link  Enter a relationship of mutual support with us and help the Taoist Internal Alchemy to grow in cyberspace.
  • Create a product of your own Our dedicated , highly creative and energized staff is available to help you develop yourself and extend your teachings to thousands through digital media technology.
  • Join the Social Network Phase 2 of our site development will include the lastest technology in community interactions. You can be connected and connect others at the ease of your fingertips.
  • Let Your Chi Flow Stay connected to the benefits of your daily practice . Contact us with your visions, goals and aspirations. Pacific Tao staff is honored to work with you.

Pacific Tao staff is honored to work with you.
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Students Opportunities

Our new website design is focused on students experience of easily finding everything you need to understand , stay current with, interact and purchase QiGong teachings while being a member of a larger community who have the same interests as you do. provides for you as a student of QiGong

The Guide
The Guide is our aid to make it as easy as possible to not only start but to continue your QiGong practice.
There is a Universe within you
QiGong has the maps
We have a guide
You are the navigator.

Over the years we’ve heard the question repeatedly asked, “Which DVD is for me?”
Our aim is to make it easy for you to know where to start and where to go next  step by step as you study the Taoist Internal Alchemy system.

We’ve selected 6 paths based on their support of your interests in popular practices and how they compliment these disciplines. We’ve also selected 6 paths based on desired benefits for common universal needs. These multiple paths give you a variety of ways to approach your studies depending on your individual goals.

We’ve created a comprehensive and definitive guide to take you though the 34 workshop DVD’s of the Taoist Study Series and help you know which ones will best serve your studies. We describe what they are about, the order of study and how to proceed if you wish to learn more after that.

“QiGong Today” Our Educate Section
QiGong Today is an engaging and evolving educational hub with the aim to keep this centuries old energy practice current and “up to date” with our modern times and interests.
Here we support you to keep your practice alive by “doing the homework for you.”
  • Our staff will gather articles, research and current news for you in one place, easy to access.
  • We will feature seasoned senior instructors in the Universal Tao and provide interviews, bios and writings about their specialties and special interests.
  • We will link you to other sites to extend your studies in the vast Universe of QiGong.
  • We will compile exciting video clips of discoveries that expand your understanding of energy, the body and healing.
  • We will include selected reviews and comments on the Internal Alchemy system.

Once our storefront, Provide is now an evolving service to present the knowledge of QiGong teachings in various media formats.  
  • We have the strongest foundation for our workshop trainings which features a catalog based on an personalized navigation guide to accommodate individualized study paths through the Taoist Study Series.
  • Our new staff is developing features for alternative means of accessing digital information to provide you with the most up to date opportunities for viewing your workshop studies as Phase 2 of our new site.
  • Phase 3 involves the continued expansion of our teaching series with new products and upgraded presentations.
  • Our new affiliate sales program gives you the opportunity to produce supplemental income while sharing the teachings that have benefited you with others in your community.

Interact is an online community resource and portal that enables you to
  • hear from and talk to featured teachers and practitioners of QiGong Internal Alchemy.
  • relate your experiences, discoveries and the results of your practices to other students like you
  • get support from your peers
  • find teachers, practioners, workshops and events in your geographical area or near you
  • keep up to date with Master Chia’s international teaching schedule and special intensives at Tao Gardens, his teaching center, spa and healing clinic in Thailand.

Develop a successful and effective life long practice of self mastery benefiting your health, happiness and abundance in living.
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Master Mantak Chia

Master Mantak Chia has created a bridge between centuries of practices originating in the TAO and the present universal needs of modern man. This bridge is the Universal Healing Tao system which is free of religious belief and compatible with all religions. His life goal has been to find a way to take the once secret and exclusive practices, formulas and methods of Taoist Internal Alchemy and make them easy to integrate into the life of any individual looking to develop the body, mind, spirit.
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Taoist Internal Alchemy

For thousands of years to present time, QiGong has transformed ordinary lifes into extraordinary lifes of health, happiness, abundant energy and longeveity.
Many of us today have been taught countless methods to take care of our external physical bodies while the incredible world within us still remains a mystery and inaccessible.

The ancient Taoists of China spent lifetimes exploring and experiencing the inner geography and multi dimensions of mind, energy and spirit.
They left directions for us to follow their paths with maps, formulas, practices and exercises guiding us through this unknown realm. Over the centuries their work became the foundation for Traditional Chinese medicine, martial arts and spiritual development. The roots of all these time tested systems of self mastery, self transformation and self healing originate in Taoist Internal Alchemy.

For many years, Internal Alchemy training was acquired in the East only through finding a knowledgeable teacher and in the West it was virtually nonexistent. Only recently has the phenomena of energy been recognized as having an existence for us outside of an available resource produced from burning calories.

This once hidden and secretive practice has become available to everyone as the doorways to other cultures and countries of the East have swung open to us during the last generations.
Master Mantak Chia is one of the first teachers to present the complete teachings to students in his worldwide travels over 30 years.
What you used to have to travel to the ends of the earth for is now available virtually at your fingertips.

(next writing)

Internal Alchemy is the transformation of the self through inner work .
Alchemy was described in early times as a process of turning base metal into gold. These aspirations of the early chemists are  a poetic description of what can a occur to us as we evolve our potential and support the natural wisdom and innate vitality that exists in our bodies.

By the time most of us survive birth and get through the educational system and the complex dynamics of our social system we have accumulated extra baggage in the form of tensions, emotional reactions, beliefs and ideas of who we are or what we should be doing, along with a myriad of distractions and disillusionment , bad food, injuries and pollution.
The result of all these experiences is who we call the “self.” This self is more an acculturated condition rather than who you really are or can be.

The formulas and teachings in Taoist Internal Alchemy provide a way to cut through all the baggage and blockages we carry inside us and give birth again to a self that is genuinely and essentially you.

First you learn how to direct  the consciousness of your mind into your body so that you can actually sense and feel what is going on in a deeper way.
We have the ability to feel so much more than we usually do.
Have you ever felt your organs or the many energy pathways that are as real within you as your blood vessels and nerves? Have you ever felt your energy or sensed centers in your body where energy gathers? Have you ever been able to increase your energy or direct it to different parts of your body or store it for future use?

Next , you travel into the organs and feel into them with your mind.
You can actually direct loving energy into every organ and replace the stuck reactions like anger, irritation, fear, grief, sadness, impatience, hate and jealousy with feelings that feel good and not make you feel sick.

You are able to localize concentrated energy centers and actual circuitry in your body which is like an internal anatomy. Most of us  were never taught about our energy systems in our schools however in Asian cultures this is commonly known.
This circuitry is a pathway where your mind can bring energy to and then move it around, and store it in other parts of the body. Depending on where energy is directed internally, you can stimulate your capacity to develop and for all the systems in your body to respond to full capacity for performance. This full capacity is Vitality. Your energy is your vital life force.

This whole practice of working from the inside out is what the Taoist call self mastery.
Taoist Internal Alchemy awakens you to a whole fascinating reality inside yourself that can change your health, your happiness, your sense of self and your whole way of living.

Look into our GUIDE for a complete description of the entire system ‘
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